Hello my hiking friends (and of course non-hiking friends as well)! My name is Maiu and I'm an outdoor enthusiast who loves to hike, paint and share all of it on video in hopes of inspiring others to explore the outdoors and find calmness and wisdom it provides.  

You can find me making all kinds of hiking related videos on my YouTube channel called "Maiu Takes A Hike". When I started my channel back in 2016 I called myself "Hiker In Estonia" but as most of my adventures are now done outside of Estonia I felt a name change was needed. 

I do have a degree in social work but most of my life I have worked on different office jobs planning production, managing client data or creating and  improving processes in data administration. I have also dabbled in graphic design, illustration, guiding overnight hikes for adults and teaching children of different ages to hike, camp and paint. 

Since August of 2019 I'm living in North Sweden, in Kiruna, where I started working as a sled dog guide. My long dream of working outdoors has finally materialized and I'm very exited to face my first Lapland winter!



Selection of places I have been featured:






Please use the form below to get in touch or email me at maiutakesahike@gmail.com

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