Fjällräven Classic

Sweden, august 2019

110km and 5 days hiked on the famous Kungsleden trail in Sweden. The days were filled with gorgeous mountain views, challenging trail and meeting fellow hikers all over the world. 

Fjällräven POLAR

Sweden, aPRIL 2019

Sledding 330km across the arctic wilderness with a team of 6 highly trained sleddogs and a bunch of like minded adventurers across the globe.  These 4 days in the tundra literally changed my life. Being inspired by the arctic challenges and the sled dogs I moved to Swedish Lapland and started working as a sled dog guide myself!

SOuth Island

New Zealand, March 2019

Me and my Mother hiked the Rees-Dart (4 days) , Greenstone-Caples (4 days) and Routeburn track (3 days) during our 3-week stay at this dreamland of hiking!

Annapurna circuit

Nepal, november 2017

My first big hiking trip abroad took me to Nepal, to the Annapurnas. The 186km long trail with its people, culture and constant views to 8000+ meters high mountains took my breath away. Figuratively and literally because crossing the 5400m high Thorung La Pass was quite the challenge! I was lucky to share this trip with my Mother who celebrated her 50th birthday on the trail. 

RMK PEraküla-ähijärve

estonia, 2016-2018

My first ever solo overnight hike was done on the first day of this trail. I ended up learning very valuable lessons about hiking, backpacking, and myself thru this 820 km across Estonia. I hiked the trail in sections with my dog Luna and occasionally with my family and friends over the course of 3 years.  

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