Acrylic painting on archival quality and acid free paper, size 10x15cm / 4x6".  Coated with glossy UV-protective varnish. 

Day 005: "Gold of Earth" acrylic painting 10x15cm / 4x6"

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  • Details: Original acrylic painting on archival quality and acid free paper, size 10x15cm / 4x6". Coated with glossy UV-protective varnish.


    Inspiration: This painting is inspired by simple Estonian nature that I saw a ton while hiking thru Estonia in sections on the RMK Pearküla-Ähijärve 820km long hiking trail. 


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    Colors: I try to edit the images as close as possible to the real painting, but colors will appear different from screen to screen. 


    The #100days project: This painting is done within my #100daysofexploringlandscapes challenge. In June 2020 I started my biggest creative challege yet - to paint one painting a day from my hiking trip photos. I started with my Estonian thru-hike where I learned to hike and camp alone, and continued with Nepal, New Zealand, and ending with the Swedish Lapland both in summer and winter. Thru this 100 days I learned a lot about different art tehniques, but most of all I learned how to carry forward the feeling of being immersed in the nature, and how much enjoyment even the simplest landscapes can bring into my studio and now hopefully into your homes as well.