A little story about painting this piece: As I was trying to capture the colors of the sunset on this beach I just had to stop painting because the sun had gone down and the paint didn't dry anymore. I thought I'll continue the next day but ended up leaving it as it was because the visible brush strokes just give off such energy I couldn't replicate any other way. This was in Nazare, Portugal. 


This painting is part of a small, 6-painting release, inspired by my travels to Portugal and Spain. All of them are painted on the spot, plein air, energized by the waves, winds and sunshine. I painted them very loosely, deliberately letting go of all expectations and just allowing the nature guide the colors and my brush strokes. These paintings are a teaching of slowing down, forgoing the planning, and letting the uncertainty guide me to new and absolutely breathtaking places that I would have never seen.  A collection of learnings that I will proudly carry on in my art and adventures alike ;)

"Embrace the Joy" original acrylic painting 25x16cm

160,00 €Price
  • 25x16cm original acrylic painting on archival quality paper.


    I try to edit the images as close as possible to the real painting, but colors will appear different from screen to screen.


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